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There is one more important point here: even though the "bobblehead airhead girl" gets good responses from men, this doesn't mean that she therefore represents the ideal of femininity that men seek.Men prefer her because there are elements of the "bobblehead" that they like: her carefree spirit, her flirtiness, her willingness to be led, her cheerfulness, etc.Her characteristic stupidity and lack of substance are things that men merely tolerate in order to experience the feminine qualities that they desire so deeply - that is, the qualities that men do not typically have in themselves and cannot get from masculine women.

- in other words, the qualities that women do not typically have in themselves and cannot get from feminine men.

While the INFJ values sharing deep bonds with people, they often struggle with opening up themselves.

So even though they are the person who will coax the truth out of others, they are intensely guarded about their own emotions.

They have many qualities that appear like a contradiction to others, but truly make sense when they are deconstructed.

Being someone that is considered a paradox can be a serious struggle, especially for the INFJ that doesn’t understand themselves sometimes.

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