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This is the time for the doctor to be the patient's support, not his/her killer. The so-called safeguards built into Measure #16 are inadequate.

Patients remain vulnerable to outside pressures to choose suicide.

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Any real-life situation must be discussed with a rabbi, well-versed in Jewish law.

Many proposed policies at first sound like good ideas, but in fact are very dangerous. Measure #16 confuses the role of physicians in our society.

Health insurance providers will also start refusing to pay for expensive care in the last year of life, on the grounds that the patient is going to die anyway.

In fact, with the chance of doing away with sick people, there will be less reason to spend millions on medical research.

A patient's request for suicide is a signal that certain needs are not being met.

Most likely, the patient is suffering from unnecessary pain or treatable depression.

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