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It may come down to the old mattress test of "just tell me what feels right"...

The SX4 is merely an updated SX3, using the same old gas system as the Browning Gold/Silver, and the Winchester SX2 and SX3. Collectively, these updates make for a slimmer, lighter and livelier gun than the predecessor. My local shop had a couple in stock last week, and they just felt great.From Great Country Pubs and self catering cosy seaside cottages to friendly B&Bs, grand country house retreats and chic city boutique hotels.Or savour the great outdoors with the family on a camping break.Find out what's new and exciting from top attractions and destinations across South East England with our blog.There's so much to do in the South and every visit is different so if you think you've seen it all before, let our blog inspire you to a host of new experiences.

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